March 2021

Dr. Gemma Herranz of the Dypam group explains, together with the group members, the importance of materials for the energy future and the manufacture of new elements such as, for example, extracting energy from organic waste such as onions. This is one of the many aspects analyzed by this research group of the ETSII (UCLM Ciudad Real, Spain), which collaborates with other institutions such as the National Hydrogen Center (Puertollano, Ciudad Real, Spain).

November 2020

European Researchers’ Night. 

Virtual event.

I am a researcher, what do you want me to print? Whatever you want, in 3D and stainless steel, if necessary. We can’t even imagine the amount of things that are manufactured thanks to new techniques in which we start with metals… in powder! No need to hammer the hot iron to get Thor’s hammer. A 3D printer is all we need.

December 2019

Dissemination Podcast “Investiga que no es poco con Gemma Herranz y el Grupo DYPAM”. Investiga que no es poco. CMM Radio

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June 2019

End of Course Party. Materials and Pulvimetalurgy. 

Type of activity: dissemination for families.

Activities: organization of stand and activities for children.

February 2018

11F World Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Type of activity: Presentation in press conference activites and Talk in College San José, Ciudad Real (Spain).

Scope: regional.

June 2017

End of year party for families. 

Popular science activities in the Main Square of Ciudad Real, Spain.

Scope: regional.

June 2017

Organization of the “VI National and I Iberoamerican Conference of Powder Metallurgy “.

City of the event: Ciudad Real, Spain.

Scope: International.

May-June 2017

Organization of the exhibition “Particles in your Life: Powder Metallurgy Technology”.

Citi of the event: Ciudad Real.

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Scope: international.

June 2015

Outreach article: UCLM’s PIM Research Laboratory and pilot plant offers expertise in feedstock development and optimization.

PIM International vol.9, nº2, June 2015. Pags: 41-45.

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