Powder Injection Moulding

– Metal Injection Moulding

– Ceramic Injection Moulding

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Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) is a technology of fabrication based on mixing ceramic or metallic powder with a polymer system. The feedstock obtained is injected in a mould, getting a part called “green part”, which has a elevated content of polymers (around 50 vol.%).

This parts are processed in a furnace where the polymer system is eliminated, obtaining a very porosity part.

After that, sintering stage developed in a furnace allows the part to be full density, obtaining the final parts.

Additive manufacturing

Based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Filaments are produced after mixing ceramic or metallic powder with a polymer system. 

In an adapted 3D printer for filament, geen parts are obtained with which the process is continued through debinding and sintering stages.

PIM & AM Process